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hEy guys.. since u are here.. come on in to take a look at my blog... simply click on the navigations below the tagboard to navigate around.. however.. be sure to tag on my tag board...

Alright.. since its a 2006.. i gotta dedicate some messages to some special friends.. come on.. if u didnt get mine.. doesnt means u r not my frens.. is juz tt.. there is too much to do . lol . srry for that

lets start with...

CYNDEE!! alright.. u are close to me arent u? haha.. rmb the FUNs we had? in school.. outside school even the KL trip with me and jackson.. lol.. i sincerely wish u to find ur happiness asap.. and.. dun overspent ur money everytime haha

JACKSON! yo MR fitness.. lolx. come on.. do more gym out thr.. this guy is spastic.. however.. he's a nice fren to be with.. come on.. we shall go more trips in e future!.. wish u have a great studying time ahead.. and.. hope she can be WITH you. lol

AKENA! alright... this sis of mine.. she is great.. though i didnt have the chance to see her in malaysia this yr.. well.. nxt time.. we shall meet, i really like talking to her. she is older than me and will often advise me to do certain things which benefits me. alright. love ya lots! hope u have a great time with that guy.

LINQI! my lil sister.. haha... never like to study hard.. always make me so worried... however.. she is quite fun lo.. haha.. have great times chatting to her... dun worry mei mei.. everything will be fine for u this 2006! stop frowning!! @@

LITING! alright.. she's my ex girlfriend.. hahas.. she very good de.. and we share wonderful memories before.. hahas.. she hates books and loves shopping.. so.. haha.. trying to matchmake her here!@! lolx.. anyway.. seriously i wish her having a good yr this yr.. do great in ur exams and dun spend too much on ur shopping... earn alot liaoz dun forget my present!.. lolx

JESSIE! she's my online gf.. haha. we chatted almost everyday for 5months.. she is cool.. lol.. though she stays at taiwan.. we really share alot of common interest.. hope we have a greater time ahead.. and hope u like the present i sent to u.. aint tt cheap u noe?! hahas

LIYING! hey.. she is another good friend to be with. we often chatted on the phone till late in the night.. to catch up some stuff.. now she is with her bf.. so.. hardly had time for me. its alright. i forgive u . but.. do remember me ok? haha.. wish u all the best!

WANTING! ooh... she is a baby. haha.. she seems to be growing younger and younger each day.. haha.. hey its a compliment for u.. haha.. she also tends to joke with me.. ok.. so i wont forget u . and u better not too.. all the best to u and ur BF.. do remember to get me my b'dae present!

ZHIHAO! this cousin of mine. likes to act cute.. alright.. he's quite cute.. but.. tends to throw tamtrum? haha.. yea.. thnks for acc me in the nights. he really talk to me abt lots of things.. hope ur temper change for the better.. no more mood swing for u ! all the best!

SHIRLEY! oh my god. her name is simple. but her character is striking.. haha.. dun get wad i mean? she is very straightforward.. lol.. always make ppl paiseh.. but.. really funny when out with her cos her reaction is always the biggest.. and she's photogenic! alright.. wish u have a great new year and do mind ur manners! BA DAO queen

ANNA! lol.. this girl also.. 4 simple letter in her name.. but she is not simple at all..same as shirley.. staight forward.. but can see she is getting prettier and prettier.. lol.. i can see that u have a very wild side of urs.. haha.. anyway.. all the best for 2006!

WINNIEFER! come on fer.. dun always go out with shahrul .. u forgotten me? lol.. she is one person who always laugh at my cold jokes! wahahaha she often acc me to supper late in the night and we will often talk abt alot of things.. anyway.. do cherish shahrul.. he is still a amall boy! haha

ZHONGWEI! another cousin of mine, likes to sing with me in the night.. he's quite potential too k? lol.. but.. he got to learn alot about cherishing and thinking.. well.. u r not young anymore... try to think more for urself in the future and in the present.. and.. do go out and make more frens!

NINA! ok.. how do i phrase this? hmm.. she is a caring gal. lol.. without her i will never pass my band theory.. lol.. thnks alot nina.. do eat more VEGGIES! so that u will grow pink in health.. lol... she is my aunt now.. i call her aunt nina! alright.. all the best!

WEIHSIN! my wife.. but she divorced me le.. sad.. lol.. anyway.. she is one girl who work terribly hard.. i like to tease and joke with her.. she nv seems to get angry with me.. haha.. alright.. wish u all the best in ur o level result ! jiayou!
Done? i dunno.. lol.. couldnt think anymore.. whoever wants my testimony?! tell me and i shall write one for ya! haha